Believe it or not, there was a time when a technology as prevalent as the landline was an exciting new solution for businesses, but that time has long since passed. These days, there are better options available for your communications needs. In fact, these modern tools might just be powerful enough to convince you to ditch your landline entirely in favor of them!

Here are four good reasons why you should consider replacing your landline telephone setup with a better, more dynamic and flexible solution.

#1: Adding New Users is a Hassle

More likely than not, your office was designed for a specific number of people, or at least with an idea of how many employees would eventually inhabit it. Due to this design, your phone lines were distributed across the office to accommodate those employees. The issue is that businesses grow, and the same infrastructure that worked for you twenty years ago probably won’t work today. Adding new telephone lines can involve changing your office setup, including construction, a process that is quite costly and time-consuming. Your telephone solution should be something that is more fluid and not reliant on pre-existing infrastructure.

#2: It’s Not Flexible Enough for Modern Businesses

Your landline might work in-house while your employees are in the office, but that is the only place where it works. Your employees are effectively tethered to their desks while using their phones. The modern office, one that thrives on remote capabilities and flexibility, cannot be limited in this way. Your employees should have the freedom to answer their phone and communicate with coworkers even while out of the office.

#3: There Are Other Costs Associated with Landlines

It is easy to overpay for your landline telephone solution, especially considering the fact that services are often bundled with others that you are not guaranteed to use. One way that these cable companies get you is by offering cable television alongside your phone service. While you might make good use of one, you might not use the other. You need a solution that lets you customize exactly what you get to suit your organization’s specific needs, not what your provider says you need to buy.

#4: There Are Better Options Available

At the end of the day, landlines may have once been the norm, but there are better options available today. Continuing to rely on outdated technology will only hold your organization back and potentially put you at odds with both consumers and your competition. With a Voice over IP solution that utilizes your existing communication infrastructure in the form of the Internet, you can effectively avoid running new lines across your office. Plus, since VoIP uses software, it can be utilized on desktops, laptops, and smartphones, making it that much more flexible.

Implement VoIP Today!

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August 20, 2021