6 Extremely Valuable Communications Tools for Business

Your employees will look to you to provide guidance throughout the workday, so you should do your best to use the communication mediums at your disposal to stay in touch with them. Granted, the average business has many different ways of communicating information to employees, especially in the wake of a global pandemic which forced many employees to work remotely. That said, communication is more important than ever; what services or solutions can you use to foster communication and aid your employees in their day-to-day responsibilities?

We’ve put together a list of six solutions which we think you’ll gain a lot of value from.


Tried and true, the email solution is a staple in the workplace environment. A centralized, professional email solution gives your team the ability to communicate with both internal and external entities, including their coworkers and your clients.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing was on the rise before the pandemic, but with so many employees working remotely, it became essential to create the same sense of belonging and community one would get from in-person meetings. Video conferencing tools often have other services built into them and can be effective ways to collaborate and communicate with your team, in-house or remote.

Voice over IP

VoIP has become a staple in the workplace as well, providing businesses with scalable and flexible communication platforms that do not keep your employees tethered to their desks. With mobile devices and VoIP applications, your team can use their work phones on their smartphones, allowing them to stay connected and accessible like never before.

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is like email, but with a bit more urgency and less formality. Giving your team the ability to contact one another at a moment’s notice is a surefire way to improve communication and accessibility. It also gives you a way to contact them quickly should the need arise. 

Intranet Solutions

Having one go-to location for all of your business’ resources can be an incredibly helpful tool to have in your arsenal, and an Intranet solution provides just that. It’s a portal to all of the important information your employees need to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.

Project Management Software

A good project management software can give you multiple tools to collaborate with your staff throughout the workday, including built-in scheduling and task management tools. This type of communication helps to ensure that projects are done properly the first time, and it promotes transparency throughout the entire length of the project.

Want Some Help Getting Started?

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August 3, 2022
Net It On