Net It On’s Promethean ActivBoard Installation Service


    Technology is Changing the Face of the Modern Classroom

    Promethean interactive whiteboard technology is reinventing the way people share knowledge.

    The Internet is a generation-defining technology. Harnessing its power only makes sense for people who are looking for ways to influence or educate others. The Promethean line of interactive whiteboards offer any organization a platform in which to share knowledge. Whether you are in a classroom or a boardroom, a Promethean Activboard is the perfect solution for all of your organization’s presentation needs.

    At Net It On, we proudly offer a full range of dynamic Promethean Activboards complete with comprehensive and certified installation. We feature three certified technicians and have been endorsed by the New York City Mayor’s Office as a trusted vendor for the installation and support of these powerful learning apparatuses.

    An Interactive Education, in Real Time

    Multi-touch and mobile integration provides educators a powerful teaching and learning interface.

    Promethean Activboards are being used to teach important business skills to the leaders of tomorrow. Promethean makes this possible by understanding that not every person learns the same way. Some people learn best through auditory stimuli, others through visual stimuli, and others through hands-on experience. With their line of dynamic Activboards, like the powerful Activboard 500 Pro, Promethean is transforming the environment in which people share ideas.

    At Net It On, we understand that technology like this is changing the world. The more it is integrated with society, the more it has to be integrated into education. A Promethean Activboard delivers educators with a fully-functional touch screen whiteboard solution that gives presenters a dynamic and familiar interface in which to present new and exciting ideas to young minds.

    promethean logoAs effective In the Boardroom as it is in the Classroom

    Deploying a Promethean Activboard in your organization’s boardroom provides a great deal of value for your staff.

    Having the flexibility to provide your staff with an interactive interface in which to share ideas, can be a windfall for almost every business. The nature of today’s modern office is one where time is a precious commodity. To get a project team on the same page, no other interface can compare to the power, speed, connectivity, and interactivity as a Promethean Activboard.

    The ability to enhance collaboration is one way modern businesses are driving their operations forward. By incorporating Activboard technology in your boardroom, your organization can save money and resources by eliminating printing and paper expenses; cutting costs and reducing your organization’s carbon footprint.

    With several whiteboards to choose from, Promethean promises the level of craftsmanship and dynamic availability of information that any organization is looking for from a collaborative interface. To learn more about our comprehensive Promethean Activboard solution, or any of Net It On’s complete array of IT-related services, pick up the phone and call us today at (732) 360-2999.