AI has infiltrated the zeitgeist in a way that few technologies have. It’s rare to hear about anyone who has no opinion on how it should or should not be used. Businesses, however, can take full advantage of the situation and capitalize on the use of AI in operations and products. Today, we want to explore the opportunity businesses have to use AI to add value to their offerings.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

For the average consumer, AI is not the same type of technology that you see in science fiction. While the fundamentals are similar, AI more closely resembles computer programs that can automate various business tasks, thus allowing for more efficient operations and practices.

Most serious software contenders out there these days have some kind of “AI” feature to them. While they vary in quality and functionality, the idea is still the same. In some cases, some software is simply calling features they’ve had for a long time “AI” and just using that as a buzzword. 

Let’s look at the three elements that make up what goes into a modern AI tool and how businesses can utilize them to great success.

AI Will Be Everywhere

AI is not going anywhere, but it is going everywhere. AI systems have grown by over 500 percent in the past two years alone. AI generally fits into three categories:

  • Generative AI: Generative AI is everywhere in consumer software, either included as a feature or as a standalone solution, like ChatGPT. This technology can generate text, images, videos, and more. These applications are used by all kinds of governments, educational institutions, businesses, and even individuals.
  • Machine learning: Machine learning can turn your data into insights, allowing your business to make better decisions or support individuals who use your services and products.
  • Recognition: Recognition AI is typically used for security, and it can be used with facial recognition software or surveillance systems. This can also help with loss prevention and network security.

AI can be used for so much more, but we just wanted to cover the basics for today’s blog. To learn more about how you can utilize AI for your business, call us today at (732) 360-2999.

June 17, 2024
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