Microsoft’s latest round of security patches includes 27 software vulnerabilities, many of which are critical in nature. Affected are widely-used titles such as Windows, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and the new Edge browser. It’s important for users to take action and install the Microsoft-provided patches, and soon.

Users who are on-the-ball enough to have already applied the patches will be glad they did. If this is you, then the following information is concerning what you’re protected from. On the other hand, users who haven’t yet applied the patches will want to take note of how their computers are currently at risk.

The vulnerabilities connected with Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and Edge are critical. Hackers can exploit these apps remotely through web pages or Office documents, allowing them to execute malicious code. To learn more about the nature of these vulnerabilities, see these official security bulletins from Microsoft:

Patch for Microsoft Office: MS16-099
Patch for Internet Explorer: MS16-095
Patch for Edge: MS16-096

Additional critical vulnerabilities have been found affecting Windows, Microsoft Office, Skype, and Lync. These vulnerabilities concern the Windows Graphics Component, letting hackers execute remote code via malicious documents and web pages.

Patch for Windows, Microsoft Office, Skype, and Lync: MS16-097

Microsoft has also resolved a critical vulnerability affecting the remote code execution with Windows PDF Library. This is concerning since PDF Library comes bundled with Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, and Windows Server 2012 R2. Specifically with Edge, the cause for concern has to do with hackers being able to exploit malicious PDF documents hosted on a website that they can then use to trick users to download.

Patch for Windows PDF Library: MS16-102

Microsoft has also provided patches for additional vulnerabilities that they have flagged “important” (a step down from critical). Despite these threats being less severe, you will still want to install the security patches and take care of them.


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August 11, 2016