Google and Microsoft Both Offer Work Profiles for Businesses

Microsoft and Google offer work profile systems that can help you keep your personal life and professional life on the same mobile device, albeit separate. These are often found with enterprise settings that allow for greater security and control over how employees use their devices for work duties. Let’s look at how the work profiles function for Microsoft and Google.

A Deeper Dive Into Microsoft’s Work Profile

Microsoft Intune

When it comes to managing work profiles, Microsoft integrates with Microsoft Intune, which is a cloud-based device management service. With Intune, IT admins can control and secure company data and applications on devices using Microsoft operating systems like Windows, as well as Android.

Android for Work

Android Enterprise, as Android for Work is now known, is also supported by Microsoft, and it comes with APIs and features that allow the businesses to manage work profiles on company-owned Android devices. This integration allows for advanced management capabilities.

App Management

Microsoft’s work profile solution also allows admins to manage and deploy company apps to a work profile on any user’s device. This helps to ensure that access, data sharing, and various security settings are working as intended and controlled.

Separation of Personal and Work Data

Work profiles allow users to separate personal and professional data. This separation ensures that work-related data and applications are disconnected from the individual’s personal profile, meaning there is greater security for company data and privacy for user data.

A Deeper Dive Into Google’s Work Profile

Android Enterprise

Google’s work profile solution is based on Android Enterprise, and as such, it gives businesses plenty of tools and policies that can come in handy when managing Android devices. With support for several different deployment modes, including work profiles, Android Enterprise is a solution that gives admins considerable control over corporate accounts.

Work Profile

The work profile is basically a container that houses all work-related apps and data, keeping it all separate from personal accounts. It’s easy to switch between personal and work profiles, and the IT admin will have control over the work profile’s settings.

Google Workspace

As expected, Google’s work profile solution works well with Google Workspace. This gives businesses the ability to deploy email, calendar, Drive, and all kinds of other Workspace applications to the user’s work profile.

Compliance and Security

Google has several features for security, including remote wiping, encryption, and app management, all of which contribute to keeping a work account secure. IT administrators can also enforce specific policies to protect certain information.

Microsoft and Google both present great solutions for businesses that need control over data while also protecting the separation between personal and company data. If you’re looking to take advantage of these solutions, we can help you set up a BYOD policy, or Bring Your Own Device, allowing you to maintain security without compromising on mobility and staff convenience. To learn more, call us today at (732) 360-2999.

October 13, 2023
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