Google: “Cybersecurity is Easy, Just Block the Internet!”

What measures do you take to protect your employees and business from the dangers found on the Internet? One major company, Google, is implementing some extreme measures to protect against online threats. In this pilot program, the Internet is simply not available to its workers. How is Google—a company notorious for its search engine and web-related technology—making do with minimal access to the Internet? The answer might surprise you.

The Answer: Internet-Free PCs

In reality, the idea that one of the biggest companies in the technology sector would disconnect its workforce from the Internet—although initially quite shocking and counterintuitive—actually makes more sense than you might at first realize. Considering the fact that major technology companies are often the targets of cyberattacks, as well as the fact that the data they house is monumentally important and valuable, it’s hard to imagine a world where Google would not want to do all that it can to keep itself safe from these types of hacks.

Even with all of the security measures in the world, Google could, of course, still fall victim to cyberthreats if one of their employees falls for it. Many cyberthreats target the weakest link in a company’s infrastructure rather than trying to crack through powerful security measures: the company’s employees. By blocking the Internet for many employees, Google can effectively prevent most phishing attempts that would be leveraged against them. This is especially important before implementing new tools powered by artificial intelligence or working with sensitive jobs funded by government contracts.

The Internet-free program piloted by Google involves its employees only having access to sites that are owned by Google itself—sites that are housed on an internal intranet. This means that they can still access their Google Drive, Gmail, and YouTube accounts. The program itself was implemented with the intention of being mandatory for a 2,500-employee sample, but it is now open to any who wish to opt in.

Theoretically, this program should reduce the threats that any involved employee comes into contact with, but it doesn’t completely eliminate them. Google’s employees will still be at risk of various phishing attempts that get around the need for an Internet connection, like those conducted through voice or text messages.

Will This Program Be Successful?

How employees respond to these limitations will ultimately speak to the success or failure of this program. Will it impact productivity? Will it sway their opinions of the workplace? Only time will tell.

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August 18, 2023
Net It On