Monitoring parts of your business is a good practice as it allows you to get out in front of any potential problem it may have. As IT is concerned, monitoring is a crucial part of ensuring that every part of your business’ computing infrastructure is working as intended. Today, we thought we’d discuss the tools used to monitor IT networks and infrastructure, and what effect that can have on your business.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software is a software tool that Net It On, LLC uses to manage our client’s IT infrastructure. Every piece of IT a business uses comes with some type of operating system. The OS that runs a server is different from the ones that run workstations, and different from the ones that run on routers and other networking equipment. This software allows for applications to be installed that provide technicians a view of how that piece of technology is functioning. The application (known as an agent) will report the health of the device via our dashboard. Our technicians consistently monitor the metrics reported, so when some type of problem starts to happen, we can remotely maintain the piece of technology.

This proactive monitoring strategy will result in better functioning technology that lasts longer and significantly reduces the amount of downtime that your business experiences. The best part is that with your network and infrastructure monitored, issues that you don’t even know about can be identified and handled keeping your technology working for you.

Here’s How We Use RMM

There are many ways that our RMM software is being used to your advantage:

  • It collects data about your systems, keeping us constantly updated to network and device health.
  • It simplifies the proactive protection of your systems.
  • It allows for concurrent mitigation and swift resolution of IT issues.

The benefits you see include:

  • With additional data collected about everything on your network, we can better understand and care for these systems more effectively.
  • With updates and proactive protections applied more easily, you can enjoy a more secure computing experience.
  • With the need for us to travel reduced, you could see your issues and challenges resolved much more efficiently.
  • With IT tasks across an infrastructure resolved simultaneously, you could see improved results in less time.
  • With issues detected in their infancy, they can be resolved before they escalate into a larger problem.

Would you like to know more about our RMM?

If you would like to know more about how Net It On, LLC technicians remotely monitor, manage, and maintain your network and computing infrastructure, call us today at (732) 360-2999. Our knowledgeable consultants can help you better understand just how our RMM strategy can help your business see less downtime and more productivity.

March 23, 2020