When your business is in the position to add new technology, the process can be pretty confusing. You try to make good business decisions every time, but with technology, there are more variables that need to be weighed. Is the technology going to help the business? Is it the right technology for what I’m trying to achieve? What is the actual cost? Today, we will outline three strategies that can help you make better IT decisions.

What it Means to Make Good Technology Decisions

There is no question that the right technology, used the right way, and supported sufficiently, will have a positive impact on a business. The problem is that there are so many options out there that do relatively the same things, so how can you know if you are committed to the technology that can most help your business? It really comes down to one question: What does your business need technology to do for it? It seems like a simple question, but it actually covers a lot more ground than you may initially consider.

At Net It On, LLC, we deal with New Jersey businesses that are always looking to get a leg up. This dictates that we find the solution that works for their business’ specific situation. If you have questions about what your business is (not what you want it to be), you will likely have problems integrating the right technology. Here are three tips that you should consider when implementing new technology.

Prioritize Security

When choosing technology, business owners need to start with security. If the technology doesn’t meet the security demands of your organization, you will pay more to secure it than the solution is worth. You should start the technology procurement process with a strategy on how that technology either works to protect your business’ assets or needs to be protected so that your assets stay secure.

Stay Positive and Be Prepared

New technology can present your organization with new opportunities. It also is an investment of both time and money. An investment like that can be flipped underwater pretty quickly if you are hit with a data loss scenario. A disaster like that is tough to come back from. Our technicians support using a network-attached backup device that also uploads a copy of that data to the cloud. A solution, like the BDR, that backs up data incrementally, can be extraordinarily useful should something happen to some data that you desperately need or that is sensitive in nature. By having a backup in place, you can assure that any situation where data could be permanently lost is protected against.

Understand the Fundamentals of the Technology

One of the best pieces of advice that can be given to the small business owner that desperately wants to implement new technology to make their business better is to learn about it before you decide to deploy it. We don’t mean that you should read a single article about how it helped one company. We mean do some diligent investigation about how the technology can fit into yours. By getting enough information, and knowing exactly how you will need to use it, you can be confident that any deployment will be successful, and that the solution will actually work to help you build a better business.

Technology can do a lot for a business. If you would like more information about technology, how we support businesses like yours, or any other technology-related questions, reach out to Net It On, LLC today at (732) 360-2999.

February 15, 2021