Tip of the Week: 3 Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Computer Clean

Any machine needs regular maintenance which includes periodic cleaning. This includes any computer you use. We have put together three actions you can take to ensure that your machines aren’t going to break down from a lack of physical maintenance. 

Before we start we should say that these physical maintenance tips aren’t going to make your computer run faster or anything like that. What cleaning your computer will do, however, is significantly improve the experience of using it. It’s also just much nicer to have a clean workstation. 

To complete the cleaning process we outline here, you will need the following:

  • A microfiber cloth for wiping down surfaces and screens
  • Compressed air to clean out vents and other internal components
  • Tools, in case you need to open your computer case (ask us if you’re worried about doing this yourself)

You will want to turn off and then unplug the computer you are going to clean and be in a place that has decent ventilation. 

Start with Your Monitors

Cleaning your displays is perhaps the most important part of cleaning your PC. After all, if you have stuff all over your monitors, it is distracting. You’ll want to avoid using any type of substance that could be corrosive. We recommend wiping the dust away with the microfiber cloth and then using a small amount of distilled water (you can find it at your local dollar store) on a paper towel to thoroughly clean the displays. 

Move to the Fans 

Dust generally accumulates inside your computer if you don’t clean it every so often. It also can build up in the fans and can get in the way of air circulation. This can actually have a negative impact on your PC’s functionality as the hotter it is inside your computer, the more wear and tear the components will endure. 

You will want to blow out the fan for certain with the compressed air, but if you are doing a thorough job, you can take the side panels off of your device and remove dust from internal components too.

Clean the Keyboard

Oh man, we’ve seen some pretty nasty keyboards in our time. If you want your keyboard to avoid this fate, you need to be diligent when cleaning it. After all, if you work at your workstation full time, you probably have dead skin, food, hair, and all types of other stuff situated between the keys. Cleaning your keyboard is probably the grimiest part of the job. Take keys off of your keyboard and get in there with some cotton swabs. If you don’t feel like getting that involved you can just shake the keyboard off and be disgusted at the things that appear on your desk. 

A Clean Workstation Can Still Be Dirty

While you may have a spic and span workstation, it may be infested with malware, adware or some other type of problematic code. That’s where Net It On, LLC comes in. Our technicians can clean the inside of your computer and monitor it around the clock to keep threats off of it. Give us a call at (732) 360-2999 to learn more. 

January 11, 2023
Net It On