VoIP is a Lot Like Traditional Phone Services… Just Much, Much Better

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are; you probably use the telephone to a certain degree. Whether you are still relying on landlines or have graduated to more advanced solutions, your organization will always need a solid phone system to back up its communications with clients, customers, and staff. A VoIP system can be an incredibly valuable asset when implemented properly.

Flexibility and Scalability

One of the biggest issues facing traditional telephone systems is that there is a large up-front investment in infrastructure involved with its setup and implementation. Adding a new access point or endpoint often requires the running of wires all over the office, including moving around furniture or even knocking down walls. VoIP, on the other hand, uses your Internet connection to deliver access to a phone infrastructure. Any connected device with the appropriate app can access the number, meaning that VoIP has fewer up-front costs, improving its accessibility and flexibility.


There was a time when employees were once only capable of answering their work phones in the office, but VoIP makes it easier than ever to take these phone numbers on the road, as all the user needs now is a VoIP application installed on their mobile device. It can be downloaded to a personal device, meaning employees are more accessible to both customers and the business.

Additional Features

With access to so many great features, VoIP makes traditional telephone systems pale in comparison. Video conferencing tools, instant messaging capabilities, and other features allow employees to be remarkably productive. Furthermore, VoIP has the same features you have come to appreciate about your telephone system, like call forwarding and voicemail. It’s the ideal telephony solution, especially for remote teams that need to collaborate in multiple ways.

Get Started Today!

If you feel like you can’t make the jump to VoIP on your own, we’re happy to help you with this process. Our trusted technicians can work with your business to make the leap to VoIP. To learn more, reach out to Net It On, LLC at (732) 360-2999.

June 10, 2022
Net It On