What Changes Should Be Expected from CIOs?

Technology is a major player in today’s business environment, and in most cases, companies have someone in their executive suite whose sole purpose is overseeing their technology systems. This individual—the Chief Information Officer, or CIO—is incredibly important to the everyday operations of businesses.

They might not all be called CIOs and their duties might vary, but there are common threads among them that can give you a glimpse into what you can expect from someone in this position.

What Should Your IT Leadership Focus On?

This year should be a turning point for your business, and if you haven’t already done so, consider ways you can pay closer attention to the following parts of your IT systems:

Budget Defensibility

There are certain signs indicating that the economy is not doing so well, and this puts strain on already-stretched budgets. When money is tight, IT departments are often one of the first to feel the brunt of the impact due to the resource-intensive nature of technology systems.

To keep these impacts to a minimum, we recommend that your IT leadership understand how the business invests resources into its technology and the return on that investment. This individual should also be able to produce data backing up these claims so as to justify funding—especially come budgeting season.

Data Security and Protection

No matter how much time passes, it’s a safe bet that your business will always be at risk of a security breach in at least some capacity. Economic impacts and geopolitical struggles often come with security breaches attached, and they don’t care how big or how profitable the companies they target are. They simply want to make money or cause chaos through any means possible, and the CIO needs to be aware of how to protect their organization.


The workplace did a u-turn to accommodate remote work policies during the pandemic, proving that flexibility is imperative to any successful IT business strategy. In fact, remote work was such an experience for some employees that they are now upset that they have to return to the workplace. The modern CIO needs to understand that there is value in remote work and that technology can accommodate it in whichever way it must.

We Can Be the IT Help You Need

A managed IT provider can help with just about any technology need your business has, including the ability to function as a CIO as needed. We can also work alongside your CIO to ensure that your business makes the best decisions possible regarding technology implementation and solutions. To learn more, call us at (732) 360-2999 today.

December 23, 2022
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